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$995 for 6 hours of telephone consultation time and use of our PediQure logo, no text materials or onsite evaluations.

$5000 for one day onsite evaluation, industry books, manuals and extended phone consults, use of our PediQure logo.

$10,000 for onsite evaluation, designs, blueprints, and consultation with your architect, use of our PediQure logo.

Group telephone seminar consultation price of $495 for 5 or more podiatrists


Why pay Dr Spalding an 8 hour private telephone consulting fee and what can he offer you in return? 

Consider the Following 101 Plus Reasons:

If you already know the answers to the following reasons or questions, you don’t need my consulting services.

The most experienced and recognized consultant /podiatrist in the United States in the NEW Podiatry Driven Foot and Nail Spa market.

The only published podiatrist/author to actually change the entire cosmetology nail education industry in the US with a single book, Death By Pedicure.

The only podiatrist in the US to create the original professional Certified Medical Nail Technician™ MNT training course for bridging a nail tech into your podiatry practice.

Online training courses to help your existing staff handing office emergencies and disaster events.

A practicing podiatrist with direct “insider” knowledge of the Nail Salon Industry

Online training to increase your staff’s podiatrist medical skills in routine foot care.

Instant use of a copyrighted trade PediQure® logo for the Physicians Foot and Nail Spa™ that identifies and represents you professionally to the public as part of a new national podiatry directed foot and nail spa industry.

Help instruct a podiatrist how obtain a cosmetology licenses to open your spa

Help you help bullet proof your office from salon inspections

Help design marketing materials to open your medical foot and nail spa

Why the new cosmetology laws will be stricter than what podiatry currently has

How to use nail techs for nursing home visits

Will provide you the complete in’s and out in establishing a professional nail spa in your community.

How to avoid clashing with other nail technicians

How to write for Industry trade magazines

Will continue to send you email updates and notification in cosmetology laws and CMNT training that affect your practice and spa

What links and books to help you expand your medical nail spa business?

How to increase revenue with your existing sterilizer instantly today

Why many salons may not be the only reason for spreading fungal infections

How you can find out the most current cosmetology regulations onl your own

How to deal with state boards and participate in improving state boards

How to get referrals from local nail technicians

How to get referrals from local beauty schools

How to increase revenues from inexpensive advertising from my copyrighted posters and books via private label.

How to incorporate fee-for-services routine foot care and beautification services in your podiatry practice

How to receive referrals and refer back to nail technicians

How to teach nail techs to provide fungal nail debridement.

How to become a paid internship training site for nail technicians

What electric file system to use

What vent hoods if any  should you use in your facility

What workstation table to purchase for manicures

What nail burrs to use or not to use for spa services

How to keep the cleanest fungal nail station

How to design a central vacuum or stationary drill system for vacuum system for each room and how to make it work for podiatry drills

What is the quietest, most efficient free standing vacuum for your treatment rooms?

How to find a quality trained nail technician locally

How to become a paid clinical training site.

How to prevent turnover of your nail technicians by education contracts

How to contract nail tech services for spa revenue

How to set up your treatment room for nail enhancement and healthy nail care.

How your nail tech can treat lower extremity edema with certain massage techniques

How to improve your patient’s outcome with a nail tech providing routine foot care

How to increase revenue with a nail technician 

How to turn you treatment room in to a relaxation station to relieve stress

Low cost background music that works best in your nail spa

What are the best nail technician’s annual beauty shows

How you can be part of a national beauty consultant lecture network in your field of podiatric expertise

What trade magazines and industry textbooks are the best to purchase

Names of other top industry consultants

What is the best national forum for nail technicians currently for instant information

How to properly clean water tubs via EPA regulations

Why podiatrists have a the best set up for providing these services

What are the bacteria that plagues salons and how to eliminate them

How to improve your own skills for routine foot care

What are the proper spa equipment you should purchase

How to get a low cost conversion to your podiatry practice with existing equipment

How to turn you treatment room into a relaxing spa for under 200 dollars

How to compete in an Asian driven cheap salon service market.

Why beautification should be part of your practice

What other podiatrists you can network who are already utilizing this concept in their practice across the US

10 questions that can help determine what kind of spa you should start with.

Tell you how you can get started immediately today

Why it is important to get started immediately

Why your podiatric naysayers peers will lose out in a big way

What to tell surgical residency directors to immediately stop telling their surgical residents

What other medical disciplines that are already doing foot care and why we should out perform these individuals

How to understand your competition

How opening a foot and nail spa lead to more surgical patients

What kind of nail polish should you use, what are the properties of a good nail polish and what kinds of safe nail polishes are out there that you can uniquely stock

How to use artificial nails for medical purposes

How to avoid dermatological issues with artificial nails

How to market for children products from your nail spa for mothers, grandmothers and siblings

How to increase your consults with Medical Nail Technicians

How to spread the word of your new spa in your medical community

How podiatrists may actually be spreading nail fungus

How podiatrists may find themselves behind the times

What is the newest liquid disinfection agent available?

Why current disinfections standards in the nail salon industry are invalid

How to place a classified ad for nail technician in national trade publications

How to get newspaper ads to run public service ads for your spa

How to get TV stations to run a public service ad for your medical nail spa

How to get radio stations to run a public service ad for your medical nail spa

What is the best liquid disinfection agent you can use?

Why you should participate in a website to accumulate nail salon infections data

What website can you direct the public to find salons that sterilize?

What are the top ten problems in the nail salon industry are changing

How to piggy back additional medical services to your spa

How to provide “Sympathetic” or “Placating” pedicures for high risk patients

How to perform wet less pedicure services

How to positively impact your state Cosmetology Boards

Direct access to a regulatory expert in FDA branding and manufacturing of custom blended products with our advanced consulting.

Direct access to the leading author, consultant and designer of skin care spas with over 40 years of experience with our advanced consulting fees.

Direct access to private label and custom topical products that market your practice

Direct access to a podiatrist who testifies in Salon injury cases

$50 lead fee generators for referrals for consultation services from Dr Spalding

10% off for higher level services for referring clients

Discounts on future marketing and training material

Additional Onsite Consulting Pricing for those wanting a quick set up and actual face time with you the podiatrist

Additional Advanced consulting to help you design a free standing nail spa or multi-station foot and nail care salon as well provide existing designs or customized blueprints and work with your architect to get your spa up and running efficiently.

Why there are no other consulting services for podiatrists that can match my conversion services.

I will do my utmost best to provide information for you or find someone who can answer your questions to make this program work for your practice.  I have 10 years of experience in this business.