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Dr. Bob Spalding is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine with a degree from The New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Spalding provides general medicine and surgery of the foot. He practices conservative podiatry and focuses his efforts on such problems as nail fungus, ingrown nails, and heel pain to provide relief one your first visit. Dr. Spalding gives most patients conservative immediate relief for painful corns, bunions and other dermatological problems of the foot.


Dr. Spalding focuses primarily on nail related disorders such as nail fungus and is the first podiatrist in the southeast to use a laser for fungal nail problems www.lasernailtreatment.com and offer the most comprehensive nail care services in the area. Dr Spalding is internationally known for his specialty for the treatment of injuries from nail salons to include artificial nails, salon related foot injuries infections, nail fungus, and allergic dermatitis reactions of the nail from salon services.


The Area Podiatry Centers were started in 1998 by Dr. Spalding. The Area Podiatry Centers previously operated at four locations including Signal Mountain, Chattanooga, Bledsoe Country Hospital and Sequatchie County for over a decade but due to the new EMR/HER, Obama Care and HIPAA regulations, Area Podiatry Centers have consolidated to one office on Signal Mountain. 
Dr. Spalding also has manufactured many foot care products such as an enhance nail polish line found on this site. Dr. Spalding has developed many training programs for physicians, podiatric assistants and Nail Technicians through his online training programs found at www.Medinail.com .


Dr. Spalding:
I look forward to serving any patients at any time and offer after hour and email consults via my 423-756-FOOT (3668) office number or my email at rts9999999@aol.com . We can discuss these common problems.

Foot Pain Pharmacy 
Dr. Spalding is now the first podiatry office in a seven county area that is specially licensed for compounding onsite prescription topical foot pain creams for you chronic painful foot conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, and sports injuries. Compounded pain creams can offer immediate help without the risk that oral medications pose to your kidneys, liver and prevents reflux or ulcerations to your stomach or GI track. With less oral pain medications being prescribed nowadays topical pain creams are a tremendous advantage especially when the pain is intense or you cannot have pain medication in your system while driving. Pain cream are also helpful with jobs that prohibit the use oral pain medications while performing dangerous work, operating heavy machinery or specialty vehicles.
Dr. Spalding also retails other unique podiatric prescription strength medications that are only sold in podiatry offices that are generally less than the co pay and deductibles on your regular health insurances.


Fungal Nails
Dr. Spalding is very thorough and known for quickly dealing with fungal nail situation, He can carefully and painlessly culture the nail fungus to determine the best combined course of action to treat your chronic nail fungus problem. New topical and oral medications as well as laser services have improved the treatment outcomes for chronic fungal nails or traumatic nails


Ingrown Nails
Alternative non-surgical ingrown nail relief services can be performed in some cases without painful surgical procedures. However, most individuals do very well with the nail surgeries that are done as in office procedures and less painful injection techniques are now offered to reduce the discomfort of the ingrown nail procedures.


Heel Pain
Dr. Spalding has a very comprehensive approach to common heel pain problems that usually can be greatly improved immediately with generally the first visit

Nail Salon Infections
One of my passions is I have been trying to change the US national nail salon market for nearly 16 years and find that most of the nail related injuries are preventable. Some injuries are directly related to poor product design such as with pedicure chairs. I have been on interviewed on multiple national TV show such as Anderson Copper Live and America Now, national magazines, newspapers, journals publications and radio shows and have severed as a national expert in nail salon infections in lawsuits on an ongoing basis.
If you are injured from a nail salon I urge you seek treatment immediately. I also urge you to report the injury or infection to the state cosmetology board http://www.tn.gov/regboards/cosmo/documents/OnlineComplaintInstructionLetterandForm.pdf
Most salon infections are due to three traceable problems: 

1. Nail techs practicing out of their scope of practice working on ingrown nails or fungal nails. 

2. Poor disinfection habits related to training or intentional disregard for proper protocols.

3. Aggressive services on clients with medical problems such as diabetes, immune disorders or poor circulation to their feet. Sadly not enough people report these infections to state cosmetology boards.

Other services involving injuries include incorrect artificial nail application and removal techniques. I have written extensively, been interviewed on radio and TV multiple times, have published news articles and lectured on this subject for many years.
I started the first US nail salon infection survey, www.Nailsaloninfectionsurvey.com in 2002 to find out to finally find out how many injuries are caused by nail salons and beauty shops per year so that physicians can work with the industry to correct this problem. This lead to a website called www.westerilize.com in 2003 to promote salons who autoclave in the US.

Death By Pedicure www.DeathbyPedicure.com published in 2006 is a compilation of information I acquired over the years and is the first book that provided infection estimates for manicures and pedicures. It is a significant ongoing number that can exceed over a million nail infections of all types per year. This book was the foundation of Medinails Learning Center, www.MediNail.com that provide international online training for nail technicians The book was updated as The Science of Pedicures, www.TheScienceofPedicures.com to include new information.
I advocate that all state boards of cosmetology switch to autoclave sterilization. I also promote heat sterilization. I recommend these forms of sterilization over simple liquid disinfections due to the simple fact that not all nail techs take the proper time to "sanitize and disinfect" their instruments or even change out their liquids in a timely manner to meet expirations. Clients receiving these services cannot determine if proper disinfection has been accomplished before they are served. Currently no states except Texas recommend autoclave sterilization of nail instruments.
"Sanitation” followed by intermediate disinfection is less effective than the verifiable autoclave sterilization services the public expects from any doctor or hospital. You have a right to peace of mind and demand this from your State Board of Cosmetology to change your state’s regulations to include autoclaving of instruments and services provide with Universal/ standard precautions such as gloves. Make sure you involve your podiatrist or physician if you have a nail infection as soon as possible. Find nail techs that autoclave through www.westerilize.com or download the new app found at www.safesalonrating.com that can help guide you through find a Five Star Safe Salon and what questions to ask before you obtain salon services. www.safesalonrating.com is also the only website in the US you can personally rank a salon based on their ongoing safety practices.
The nail salons and beauty shops have historically been the brunt of a major image problem with actual deaths that have occurred in Texas and California over the years from pedicures. Historically and correctly doctors have not recommended you seek any salon services and patients simply leave the office with no professional direction to seek salon services and find salon on their own. But this is problematic because there are many safe salons now with advanced training through www.medinail.com graduate list you can seeks services from. All state boards should additionally institute state by state continuing education credits CEUs to improve nail salon safety. Not all states require CEUs and some states are reducing the ability of cosmetology board to enforce existing regulations.


I also have been a tireless advocate of additional yearly state mandated continuing advanced educational credit training for nail techs such as www.medinail.com to improve the nail techs understanding of medical problems and explain how they should refer their patients appropriately to podiatrists (see link), dermatologists and other health professionals before accidental salon problems get much worse.
I do not recommend nail techs ever use razor blade callous cutters. Because most states consider these devices illegal and not supposed to be in salons most of the blades never are properly cleaned. These blades are generally hidden from inspectors in drawers, under towels or in the coat pockets of nail techs until they are suddenly presented for the client’s salon service to remove calluses. There are doctor recommended products and simple instructional services that can reduce callus effectively and safely and prevent the return of calluses and open dry.
Many clients only patronize salons that are willing to provide these dangerous services because they feel like these services are not covered under health insurance plans. The CDC now has targeted salon for viral infections such as Hepatitis and HIV and almost all salons who use razor devices will cause bleeding to occur which can promote infections . I can provide a list of all states that do not allow callous cutters in my book, Death By Pedicure or on other sites provided.


If you have been injured or have an infection or have questions about nail salons, manicures, pedicures, or pedicure chairs I would like to offer my medical advice by phone for a minimal fee. I can offer a telephone medical consultation during or after hours by calling 423-756 FOOT (3668).


*My book, DEATH BY PEDICURE, www.DeathbyPedicure.com is the first book of its kind for the general public, physicians and nail techs who are interested in the world of nail salon accidents in detail. The book explains how you can protect yourself from injury or infection in a nail salon. The book also suggests how nail techs can improve the nail salon industry. My book now comes with an online certification course at www.medinail.com.