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Alec Baldwin Gets Injured - it can happen.

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 10 Tips to Safely Survive a Nail Salon  

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Patients come in with dystrophic or damaged toenails, leave with attractive toenails they can display!

OUR POLISH is now "3 FREE"

(Formaldehyde, toluene, and phthalate free!)

Don' Pay More for Just a Bottle! Should your patients have to pay $69.00 retail a bottle? No Way! Let them have the largest selection of color choices in the industry and give them a better value. Our polish has been on the national market 10 years and is almost 8 times less expensive (yes, eight!). That is because we always sell our polish in a stock bottle. Not custom. Don't pay more for just a bottle! Save your money and your patient's money, but give them more choice!

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Now, for the first time, you can make unsightly nails more aesthetically pleasing in 15 minutes when you add prosthetic nails to your podiatry practice! Now, a patient can come to you for treatment and leave happy with a beautiful toe or toes. 


Updated Version

Available Now!
Dr. Spalding's new book,
The Science
of Pedicure

The Science of Pedicure, is the first inside book on the “dirty secrets of nail salons.” Dr. Robert Spalding, Jr., a Chattanooga, TN podiatrist, has spent 10 years lecturing on the problems in the nail salon industry. This book goes into detail concerning foot and nail infections that have been mentioned by every major news wire and TV station in the U.S.

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The Science of Pedicures will be shipped for all orders placed for the original book, Death by Pedicure.  Thank You

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Medical Pedicure Opportunities

View the short video of Medical Pedicure Opportunities available.

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Tuttnauer ValueKlave Autoclave

Prestige Medical 2100 Classic Portable Sterilizer

Special Deal......

Reduced price for our MNT & ANT's

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How to Live Homeless in Style


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Drug Subs

Factual History Book of the Columbian Narco Submarine Fleet, Forever Changes the Security of the United States

Read the press release here!

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Medical Warnings

View Current Warnings about Nail Salon methods.  You will want to see this!

Channel 7's Today Tonight uncovers the continued use of the dangerous and banned chemical MMA in the Australian Cosmetic Industry


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BRAND NEW!! Death By Pedicure Online Training

REDUCE YOUR LIABILITY AS A NAIL TECHNICIAN with three newly approved, highly affordable, 8 hour certification courses


Nail Salon Infection Survey

Are you under a physician’s treatment or any medical treatment from any nail or beauty salon related medical problem, salon inhalation work disorder (SIWD), allergy related skin problem or contact dermatitis from chemicals used in facials, manicure or pedicures or pulmonary disorder related to the beauty salon market:

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E-Education Site for Professionals

Our courses are truly advanced education designed to support professionals in reaching their goals and optimum success.They are taught by experienced educators who are experts in their fields and passionate about helping others succeed.

Medical Foot & Nail Spa

Training, Consultation, Testimonial - Brought to you by DrSpalding.com


We Sterilize

The We Sterilize site is the only site in the United States that aids consumers in finding safe salons and licensed nail professionals who provide the highest level of protection via autoclave sterilization and expert aseptic services.

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Dr. Spaldings 12 Question Survey

What chance (probability) did I get a nail fungal infection from a nail salon?  Find out here, take the survey and see your probability!

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The Kingdom of Fu Fu

The Kingdom of Fu Fu is a story on diversity. This book describes a cute little animal called a Fu Fu which is loosely based on a baby dinosaur character. The blue and yellow Fu Fu's think that their kingdom is the only color that exists and that any other animals of other colors are not special like them. The Kingdom of Fu Fu teaches children and adults alike that people of all colors are united as brothers.

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Fu Fu Nail Polish for Little Fu Fus

Dries to a Non Toxic Shine - Get your little Fu Fus some

How to file complaints on
Nail Technicians or Cosmetologists.

Most states have complaint forms you can download and fax or mail in to the state that you are registering a complaint. A few states require you call a telephone number to get information on filing a complaint. Some states will only accept complaints from consumers. All of the information is subject to change as new laws are passed and certain boards of cosmetology are renamed as “professional licensing” divisions.

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Interested surgeons can view
Dr. Spalding's new patented implants

(Photos inside are of a graphic nature.)

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